• VapeCritic
    I feel like hangin out and chit-chattin while i take apart a few vapes and brainstorm, if you got nothing to do and wanna join me i'll be postin the link to my stream here in a few minutes.

    Vapes I'm taking apart:

    • Venus Apollo
    • Herbalizer
    • ViVape 2
    • VapeXhale EVO

    Vapes I will be vaping:

    • FlowerPot
    • maybe something else too lol

    Vape I will be giving away:

    • Silver MV1

    Live stream duration: probably an hour or two

    Please standby...
  • bener
    Hey Bud (and gang!)

    That's cool -- I haven't been able to hang out on here for a while and I just happened to drop by now -- after firing up my still newish Evo ;-) -- and see this. I'm hoping to be able to join in.

    See you all soon
  • Gman
    A new MV1 might bring me back to flower :)
  • Mouette
    I was thinking 11!! Hahaha could've gotten it! :D Already got one though so didn't participate.

    Fun stream Bud! Glad I got there on time
  • VapeCritic
    lollll thanks for watchinggg

    i'm so wrecked i did a trivia question and gave away the answer lolll
  • VapeCritic
    Recording of stream below:

  • Mouette
    Nite! Ah man I laughed out loud when you said both times XD
  • Alegre
    I enjoyed the stream! I must admit that watching you taking those vapes apart was giving me anxiety! LMAO!.....I could never be that brave!

    The chat was also popping! Great convo!

    If I was to add something it would be a close up cam.....it would be cool to see a little closer what you're working on.

    I think I won something.....I'm not sure. Bud asked me to email him.

    Looking forward to the next stream.
  • Rambomst
    Been really enjoying these live streams.
  • VapeCritic
    Thanks again for watchin my dudes!

    I was just flipping through my stream recording and it's so funny how twisted I look at the end :-! :-!

    I will be getting back to the people who emailed me from the stream shortly!
  • Gman
    you should remind people that because of lag, they all see their messages in chat first. And NO one will see things in the order YOU see them because of that same lag. So you need to go by your screen.
  • VapeCritic
    Thank you I didn't realize this!!
  • spancaster
    Good stream, I think you're really onto something with the induction heater.
  • Mrbiggs
    I was out walking the dog tonight bud Could of sworn it was you in front of me ripping on that mv1 :-!


    Sorry bud I had to lol
  • Cuckfumbustion
    Good stream. See the flowerpot in action. Some vape disassembly. And fun with IH.

    Got to see your trick with the ELB and VC. Figured there was something to that. The ELBs have less mass, so I figured the IH would do something interesting. I could see vapor curls form on the end of the ELB when you were direct drawing from it. You had a good idea with the glass wand. But I think the magnetic field that needs to be generated to penetrate the glass wall is too underpowered. Maybe have the ELB half way in the glass wand to get a better contact with the feild. I have been debating about getting an IH from china as well and trying different ferrous metals and screens. It might even clean the scorch off my ELBs, perhaps?

    Even if you don't go with an IH design, You can figure out what mass of metal you are working with by how well it becomes heated.

    Like having the stram on THU when George from Dynavap does his stream. Could get into the weekly habit of watching vape streams as part of my schedule. Maybe a few others vaporists could agree on THU as well.

  • Magicman
    Side effects of vaping revealed...jrm3ythqtm5dv844.png
  • VapeCritic

    SO MEAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(
  • Mrbiggs
    that little fecka went to town on me >:o
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