• Bud
    If you have a Wismec mod download the updater here: http://www.wismec.com/software/

    Then install the attached myevic.bin firmware onto your mod using the software above.

    If you have a different mod you can use NFE Tools, they list compatible models at the bottom.


    Step 1) Go to main menu by pushing power button and temp+ button at same time

    Step 2) Go to Vaping menu

    Step 3) Scroll down to AutoFi and toggle it ON

    Step 4) Set ATime to infinity

    To engage cruise mode simply press the power button for a quick moment and then release, the power should now stay on until you hit the main button again :ok:
    myevic.bin (102K)
  • Bud
    You can also use the Tubo firmware for cruise mode if you have a mod that it's compatible with :up:

    I was not able to figure out how to create a cruise mode with the ArticFox firmware though :groan:
  • Bud
    ALSO there is room left on the list for everyone who asked on this thread in the last couple of days, I will confirm with you shortly :100:

    HOWEVER, I think I'm currently at ~150 people on the "priority" list, and since I can only make 150 units in this first batch I'm not sure if I should take any more names right now :chin:
  • EconMan

    I would, as you will have, with metaphysical certainty, a statistical drop-off of people when it comes time to actually make the order and pony up the $$$..... So perhaps a "stand-by" list"??
  • Ctipp22
    You cannot stop the freight train which is my money.
  • Lucic and Chong
    So, I'm one of the guys without either a box mod and the only 18650 battery that I own is the one that came with my IQ.

    Am I right to guess that the best route for me to go would be to pick up a reasonably priced box mod instead of a couple batteries and a charger?

    From what I understand, it has one temp with the battery but with the mod you can adjust output and therefore temps, am I close on that? Is there any other advantages to one over the other?
  • ChlorophyllMan
    I think another advantage is the additional sessions you'd get from a dual battery mod vs the single battery options, before needing to swap out batteries.
  • MikeG7265
    [HOWEVER, I think I'm currently at ~150 people on the "priority" list, and since I can only make 150 units in this first batch I'm not sure if I should take any more names right now]

    If you do happen to have room please add me.

  • SouthboundPachyderm
    even if you go the mod route a couple batteries and a charger will be needed. You can charge through the mod via usb usually bought a charger is way quicker, and they are relatively inexpensive.
  • Lucic and Chong
    I was checking out ones like this with an internal battery to try to avoid the extra batteries and charger to help save a little cash.

    Vaporesso Tarot Nano Mod

    But really, I know absolutely nothing about mods and am just starting to read and learn a bit about my options.
  • KKAMC72
    So excited!!
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    right on. I have not tried those, and to be fair my mod experience thus far has been strictly for e-juice. But with the built in battery comes 2 downsides both vary based on usage 1 waiting for device to charge via usb(generally this will be longer than a battery charger), as opposed to simply poping in a fresh battery & 2 eventually that battery will no longer take a charge. A couple of batteries and a charger comes out under 50 bucks, and when a battery eventually dies its a cheap replacement as opposed to a new mod. This is just my experience with pretty heavy usage. For a lighter user the built in battery may be just fine.
  • UbarDog
    Me personaly I will just wire a 3.4v ac adapter in to a rocker switch and then wire Stoves plug type on the end of that. Coz this vape will be my home vape only.
  • BestBuds
    I also just ordered the RX GEN3 Dual that some of you have asked about, when I get it I'll test it out on stream, it should work exactly the same just with double the battery life :ok:

    You are the man! Thank you for doing that! I have had like 5 people tell me I bought the wrong mod because you can't get it to cruise longer than 15 seconds. This will be a BiG help!
  • Trix

    I like the sound of this :chin:
  • Bud

    Mine! :sweat:
  • ssaucyc515
    I'd like 069. Cause I'm high rn and immature
  • Señor Negro
    I would take 000 for myself :chin:
  • Dr green thumb
    I want "stove" on mine :strong:
  • Popeye175
    The people of Northampton Massachusetts wants to know,where to get the G43✊
  • Pakalolo2
    @VapeCritic That looks sweeeeeeet!
  • Vegan Vaper
    love it! i'd take the lucky 13
  • TERRY1973
    Wow! N.73 if possible...
  • maidenmann
    Im interested on this bro. please add me to the list.@VapeCritic
  • Father Time
    This sounds interesting and I'd like to be added to the main or stand by lists.

    Is the review going to drop before orders go out? I have a few Qs
  • Alexis
    One of the things I like most about G43, and what really makes it different to most other models out there in this respect, (if not all other vapes) is the very short inhalation time for monstronimous clouds.

    I like to hold my vapor for max absorption. Can be harder to do with long free flowing hits. So being able to fill my lungs ib such a short time should leave some room for an easier breath hold.
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