• McWeed
    I have been shattering for about a year now, and this is my system I developed, it works great and everybody loves it haha.
    - 1 Shatterizer Pen (very affordable pen and coil replacements!! A Flawless Design in my opinion!)
    - 1 Toaster Oven Baking Sheet w/ 4 Wax Paper Platters w/ 2 mini magnets on each
    - rolled up balls of shatter (I prefer over using my fingers over metal dabbers that cause the shatter to explode all over)
    - toothpicks to roll the balls into place directly over the coils (metal dabbers stick!!)
    (Some toothpicks will also stick, but some work really good! This is just different wood.)
    - 1 metal disc to stick to magnetic Shatterizer, keeping it balanced and preventing it from falling over easily (search for something like this: Universal Mount Metal Plate for All Magnetic Car Mount Cell Phone Holder")
    Get your shatter at the right temperature before breaking it up and rolling it into balls, I put mine by the cold window for a while a head of time. (or a fridge for a few minutes) Trial and error! It's just so much easier to grab one or two little balls and drop them in my pen!! :D

    Happy Vaping! I'm off to the clouds ;) haha!!!
  • Mangu
    looks like you’re in for a great night ! Enjoy
  • juxt

    Yeah how long does that tray last? 20 minutes? j/k ;)
  • Dr green thumb

    Breakfast, lunch, dinner and the rest for evening and overnight? :grin:

    Very nice
  • EconMan

    Somehow you've managed to present this in a manner that not only is interesting but appeals to my mathematically oriented OCD. I want to come party with you and bring my Puffco Peak.... the thought of dropping a cute little "ball" into it is so satisfying. :cool:

    You have given me an idea. Right now I have some nice budder, I'll try putting some "big drops" on some parchment, freezing it, and then see if I can make some frozen budder drops, rosin drops, etc.
  • UbarDog
    I can see it now rich tokers playing "shatter pong"
  • McWeed
    haha shatter pong sounds fun ;) loser gives next ball ! ;) lol
  • EconMan

    Meant to ask. How do you like the Shatterizer. Specifically, smoothness and coolness. It seems like it would just be hot and harsh....not much room for cooling? If not, then need to consider it.
  • McWeed

    The Shatterizer is totally smooth and cool, I never cough until I get to the tar at the end. While you breath you can see the smoke circling around the bubble like a hurricane, go to their website, they have tons of videos of people taking gigantic hoots without coughing! It's the best pen I've ever tried by far without a doubt! Maybe the angle doesn't look that good from this picture but I just compared it to the Yocan Evolve Plus XL and the distance between coils to top of mouthpiece is actually greater with the shatterizer, it is an additional 1/2 inch (slightly over 1/2 inch for sure!)
  • EconMan

    I've just never found a "pen" I liked. Just got a Peak and love that but it's hardly portable and gets a zero in "stealth".

    I just assumed the airpath was so short, how could it not possibly run hot? Obviously, you like, it isn't that costly, so I'm going to get the $55 one (I assume no functional difference, just aesthetics?).

    I also have a Kandy Galaxy but it is so darn messy. I'm not a giant fan. And the taste :vomit:
  • McWeed

    Sorry, i don't know cuz I only own the glass tops, I doubt there is a difference though.

    lol @ the stealth, yeah thats funny, I would try a black one if u want stealth, you can always switch back and forth with the same Shatterizer.

    I prefer the glass because I can see how much I am getting, I have it down where I don't miss any smoke, I press and hold the button while i get ready breathing out for 1-2 seconds, then slowly inhale shatterizer for another 1-2 seconds while still holding, then let go of the button and inhale all that's left in the bubble hahaha! You would be surprised how much smoke there is left in a pen that dissipates into nothing unless you breath in after letting go!

    Here is a picture with the proper dimensions:


    Shatterizer with all 3 alternate tops.
  • McWeed

    My alternate metal disc, I use this for sitting or laying on the couch or when charging, it stays upright better because the bigger metal disc.

    I had to flip my shatterizer shatter container around upside down and attach two magnets to get it to stick (magnetically) to the disc upside down (i screw the bottom onto the top lol, it was the only way to get it to stay on.)

    So anyway, now i dont even have to reach to the coffee table ;) LoL :D
  • McWeed
    Hey guys, I finally got some very sticky shatter, so sticky I couldn't candle it, it would stick to my fingers and not come off no matter what.

    So I let it out to dry, checking it every so often, and it took 12 hours to dry to enough to do my thing... lol i really hope I didn't cause a bunch of people to wreck shatter in their fingers like I did the other day lol
    (sorry, I did not know)
  • EconMan
    As you know I've always like this idea, and your setup, and am glad you bumped and reminded me to go buy a Shatterizer. Your extended enthusiasm makes me want one, especially now I'm bringing my supply-chain home so to speak.

    I assume if one wanted MORE cooling then they could rig an extender or something? But you're happy with it as is, right? (Except for the stand upright mod of course). Regardless, I like what you're doing. I would be impressed as hell if I was a guest and you rolled your little system out.

    Like hors d'oeuvres. Grab a toothpick, poke a ball, take a dab. elegant. :100:
  • McWeed

    Hey dude!

    Haha yeah, I hope you get one, I am still super happy... you don't need any extension, trust me.

    Those metal discs are great for table passing & charging (cord causes it to pull and fall down)

    I wouldn't poke with the toothpick, the idea is to get toothpicks that don't stick so you can slide the shatter ball in to perfect position after grabbing it with your fingers and dropping it in the coil.

    Thanks man, I'm glad you like my shatter platter!
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