• 710vape666zaddy420
    Why don't DynaVap parts just screw together like a 4 piece grinder?

    Effective 'O' ring maintenance is certainly possible. That being said, I clean my Vaps religiously in ISO, but am lazy about oiling up my rings. I don't take the rings off of the parts when I soak them in ISO; it's possible that this has dried them out more than they're supposed to be? But I also find it very hard to believe that the large majority of you high-flying Vappers out there are 'undressing' their Dyna-parts from their 'O' rings every time they do a cleaning. I say this because it is a pain in the @$$ to take them off and there just simply aren't enough stoners with that degree of ambition for care and maintenance to actually fuel the amount of business DynaVap is seeing.

    I use a Mendo Mulcher grinder, and once a week I'll scrape my catch and soak the all four piece in ISO and then it's as good as new. I clean my DynaVaps alongside my Mulcher too. So as far as a personal comparison between the two technologies (Mendo Mulcher = threaded; DynaVap = 'O' rings) goes, in my experience the Mulcher parts slide back together much smoother than the DynaVap does without the 'Dyna Grease' or whatever the hell it's called. Anyways, seems to me that if I'm going to be cleaning the Vap once per week in ISO anyways, wouldn't it be nice if it's proper maintenance did not demand additional steps (removing 'O' rings before soaking, reapplying them afterwards, applying grease after that, etc.) and could just screw back together like my Mulcher?

    Maybe you DynaDorks can enlighten me as to what exactly I'm missing about these damn 'O' rings?

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  • LabPong
    Dont let the orings set in the ISO....use more q-tip swabbing on that end of the tip.

    Soak it just below the orings in a small cup. The small area that is not soaking in the end of the tip is easy to swab out.

    Obviously this will be more work if you let the stuff build up too long before cleaning the tip out.
  • Baron23
    O-rings make the tips WAY more versatile as they can be inserted in a wide variety of glass tubes, custom wood stems, etc.

    Def, o-rings.

    Threads around vapor is an invitation to reclaim glued parts, IMO.
  • LabPong
    Sorry....it seams you are talking about all the o-rings on the condenser? I took my condensers out long ago and just use a glass tube to water rig.....

    Sorry, for the misunderstanding......but yea....PIA using the body and condenser setup.
  • Kenhof
    I think they are an insulation factor also
  • Magicman
    O-rings are cheap and increase profit on the relatively simple design. I agree with you, the parts all screwing together, makes more sense, and seems to make the device more...finished. Talking bad about a $60.00 vape bat here with 5 o-rings will get you banned.
  • Gryfin
    Hard to speak badly of a 60 dollar vape with the performance of high end vapes.
  • Baron23
    I will say it again....O-rings make the tips WAY more versatile in terms of bodies and GonGs that can be used and if you have screw threads you will inevitably have them glued together with reclaim.

    My two cents.
  • Gryfin
    yeah this is my main thing. Without o rings it would get gunked up real fast
  • Startedat52
    Threads on a wooden body would not last that long.
  • 710vape666zaddy420

    Yeah for the Vong series they'd have to get creative. Maybe modify the condenser design to have built-in threads that screw into a metal tube insert that lines the inside of the wooden body.
  • boo7
    it's just more costly to make threads \ threaded inserts for the wood pieces
    I do believe it can be done for the 200ish USD they charge for it but... more profit for them
  • 710vape666zaddy420

    That's what I'm saying! Almost $200 in some cases for a device with these cheap 'O' rings... my $40 grinder has threads that work great and I just clean it with ISO and it's like new.
  • boo7

    Not doing the threads also allow for less of a tight tolerances on manufacturing..
    so.. IDK dude.. I'm really not part of the Dynavap-fanboys-movement :rofl:
  • ScentNomad
    As Kenhof has already written: the o-rings also serve as a heat insulator.

    I don't quite understand why you would remove the o-rings prior to cleaning. I never do so and they still look like new. The Dynavap-crew has mentioned that the second generation o-rings on their devices (the grey ones) will not suffer from soaking them in alcohol. They generally do not recommend soaking any parts in alcohol for a long period of time, but that isn't necessary anyway, 15 to 20 minutes will be enough in most cases.

    What will limit the lifetime of o-rings is using them without any lubrication. Doesn't has to be Dynawax, although I find it perfect for lubing. You could also use vaseline, glycerine, olive oil... Doesn't need much, but it's obligatory.

    I prefer Dynavaps plug'n'vape-sytem. O-rings are cheap spare parts, if the threading gets tilted, the entire device would be pretty much unusable.
  • Baron23
    I'm with you...right now, elegant, simple, highly functional, repairable mechanical interface vs what will become eventually the reclaim glued joint from hell.

    I like it just as it is, personally.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    To clean my dynavap i just stick a qtip in my mouth and then swap away. I haven't felt the need to soak it in iso yet if its really dirty i will dip the qtip in iso.
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