• Señor Negro
    Hi everyone, it's been a while since I don't start a thread and I'm sorry but it takes much longer than you could imagine to write long detailed posts (not this one, yet :lol: )

    First of all I wanna thank sincerely @VapeCritic for this oportunity to try this accesory for free. Thanks Bud!! :cheer: :starstruck: :cheer:


    And thanks, by the way, for those mouthpieces too!!
    I specially apreciate those because I was having some trouble trying to mantain clean my OG mouthpiece. It could be me but I don't find silicone easy to keep clean, but I will be able to test it further with those :wink:
    It's strange, because I can see 3 of them in the picture but I could have sworn I've only seen 2. But I do assume my man mind just ignored the other one (as ANYBODY knows men are only sensitive to 5 colors RGB and of course black and white :rofl: :joke: ) so its ok :smirk:

    Anyway I'm going to try it this very night and these days and I will post soon a quick firsts impressions update (hopefully this week) and then, when I have the chance to try it more thoughtfully I will post another longer, more detailed update on it (dunno when because it depends on how much do I like the device to be included on my rotation).
    So wait for it!!

    If anyone is interested on me trying any crazy idea this is the best moment to ask for it, as now the kid is excited with his new toy :yum:
  • Dr green thumb

    How long is the whip? Can I keep my pax in my pants pocket and run the whip up under my shirt so I can take some stealth rips in public?
  • beezee420
    yes but pax get hot!!!!
  • John Cocktostone
    I have a Pax 2 that I loaned to a friend. I think it is time I got it back. I miss using it with a WPA
  • Señor Negro
    OK I think it's time to update this thread. Sorry for the delay guys, there's a lot going on here and I am too easily distracted :sweat:

    On the contrary on regular reviews I will start from the "pros and cons" section and then expand it and add some personal experiences I want to share.

    • Makes the Pax 'more discreet on sight': That's the obvious one right? :sweat:
      I'll explain later why is not as discreet as it may seem tho.
    • Softens your hits: The whip does an excellent vapor cooling effect, allowing you to set your Pax to high temp settings (and survive the experience :rofl: )

    • Not as easy to set up as it may seen: Not extremely hard either. It's just a minor complain I personally had but my initial setup has been working so far for me so it's ok.
      Ignore this one.
    • It holds smell: Like a lot.
      If you were being worried about concealing smells from the Pax while using this device don't look further. Your Pax will smell, your whip will smell, and the place where you are holding it (pocket, bag, backpack) will smell too.
    • Looks weird: That could be just me, but I made the test of using it on "public" with some friends and a bunch of random people walking around us (not too close) while we were taking a coffee and if you are extremely cautious you can prevent people to see your whip, but if someone see it it will definitely look suspicious. Way more than just seeing the Pax which is, in my opinion, one of the coolest and more discreet looking device.
    • Auto shut-off will be your worst enemy: As you won't be activating your lip-sensor at all, you NEED to keep moving your Pax often to prevent it to shut off. That's not a problem if you are moving the unit constantly (while waking, or just holding the Pax on the same hand as the whip so you move 'em all-toghether) but doesn't seem "right" to be "shaking" your pocket while you are on a cofee terrace :scream:
      I even got it auto shut off while I was having a pacefull walk on the countryside! But I guess that would be because of the overheating auto shut off feature? :chin:
    • Not very pocket friendly: As you could be suposing right now after reading the previous points, it's not ideal to have a smelly device in poor air flowing conditions. Not only because of the smell, but because the Pax by itself could get quite hot.
      But it's still posible to be used that way, tho.

    But don't get me wrong. Even if the cons' list is larger I've enjoyed so much the experience. It just defies my expectations as I initially thought this was made "for Discrete Vape Use" but I have (yet?) to find a 'discrete' situation where it really shines over using my Pax 3 standalone usage.

    It is still usefull at concealing your Pax in public sites you know nobody is going to get too close to you.

    But so far the best scenario I found for this whip is for vaping quick bowls at really high temperature. So I guess it's perfect when you want to make a 'rush session' (shared or alone) to vape a full, or half, oven over the fastest time possible.
    I've tested on half oven with max temp and you can finish it all so so quickly (not sure if there's a waste as I'm not a heavy user and I cannot test it too much on those situations :sweat: )

    Another interesting situation would be one where you put your mouthpiece fixed to a surface that allows you to take quick draws while mantaining it hidden (?) Like in my motorbike helmet or something like that.
    I did not try that because I never vape while driving (nor immediately after) BUT I could try to find an isolated private road to try some crazy stuff if any of you guys are really interested.

    Oh! And please, feel free to suggest me any kind of experiment to further test this device. Or any questions you may have that are not already answered on the NewVape
    Pax 2 & Pax 3 Whip Adapter site page.

    PD: Forgot to mention 2 quick details:
    1.- The lock-on adjustement is very nice. You can actually notice when you are inserting the Pax on the unit because it push out any air left on the whip itself from the mouthpiece. No vapor was escaping on my tests.
    2.- This kind of accesory (along with water pipe adapter) looks cool on paper, but it's outome is severely reduced when you start noticing the issues derivated from the fact the Pax is not thought to work that way. And it's a pity because it's not even accesories developers fault!
    Those kind of stuff make me feel the advantages we Pax users would enjoy if we had a fully customizable oven heater firmware, where you could adjust your auto shutoff preferences (or even disable 'em completely).
  • bum karacho
    :rofl: :lol: :rofl:
  • Ctipp22
    All I was thinkin too
  • bum karacho

    your review is great !
    but this thing looks like a tool for colonic flushing....
    sorry........i dont want to make your work bad
  • Señor Negro
    Oh you are right !! :scream:
    So I guess that's the reason people looked at me so weird when I was trying to hide it :roll: :snicker:
  • Ctipp22
    for me it just looks funny. How’s the taste and clouds?
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