• Hazel
    As the title says... I did it mofos! Finallyyy :starstruck:

    I tried real big girl edibles for the first time last night post streamage. You know... the kind you get in a nice package with dosage, milligrams, and ingredients listed all up on them the real deal way. NOT the kind you make in your grandmas basement :lol: :ok:

    Had the sour gummy bears to give you visual. Taste wise... they were aight...

    So let’s do a little pollage... :cool:
    1. How many mg do you think I consumed? (28 votes)
  • deep_meditation
    I voted 30mg.

    I love edibles.

    My dispensary sells 1/4 sticks/pucks of butter. I bought the sweet brown sugar $ cinnamon butter for the first time the other day. I made rice crispy treats and it worked out pretty well. Each puck of butter contains about 450mg.

    Next up I’m going to buy some oil and a package of Wilton Gummy Mix.
  • Señor Negro
    You forgot to mention the most important part!! How did that go?? Was that a nice trip? Or you got anxious any way?
    Tell us how was your experience! :gasp:
  • SirSixPence
    100 mg isn't enough for me, Based on visual guesstimate i dose about 300mg.
  • Hazel
    that’s part 2 of this discussion LOL :wink: First I need to know what general pop thinks I took and see if Bud chimes in. Lol

    He snored loud last night. :lol:
  • Baron23
    I'm hoping you only did 10 mg for a first dose.

    It may be boring, but slow increases of dose until you find your level is IMO absolutely KEY with edibles.

    Doing too much edibles can really, really, really make for an awful 6-8 hours
  • EconMan

    I think you got tired of folks implying your little pony can't run with us adult horses and you said "fuck it"..... Econman's half-gram dab wasn't there for you to say FI with, so you downed the package. :cool: :party: :100:

    Unless your control issues kicked in. If so, then I change my vote, conditionally, to 10mg :nerd:
  • Señor Negro
    It may be boring, but slow increases of dose until you find your level is IMO absolutely KEY with edibles.Baron23

    Yeah that's why I voted 10mg only, knowing that is usually worried about edibles dosage.

    Now, how many votes do you need to go to part 2? That's the most interesting one I can't wait for it! :gasp:
  • Startedat52
    I’m still confused about edibles and they take so long to hit me. To you guys vape while waiting?
  • Hazel
    Ok guys it was 10 mg gummy bear LOL I think we smoked or vaped right before or after? I was shopping online and looked up and was like :scream: Wait! Did I take a gummy!? I think it kicked in around then .. you know the "body high" everyone talks about lol

    I was pretty tired and think I just tried not to over-analyze it and get weird so I ignored it, shopped some more, and passed out lol. Soit was there... but it was weak enough for me to forget about it for a little.

    I did notice something interesting though. I was thinking hmm it's been a while since I said "lets smoke" lol And although I still wanted to it took longer for me to get there and it was easier for me to ward off (not smoke/vape again when I did want it) because I wasn't totally sober the way I am after smoking a J or vaping after 20-30 minutes.

    I didn't feel "high" but I didn't feel totally "sober" time to hit some shit lol either. Anyone else experience this? Notice this?

    SoOo 10 mg did work but not super noticeable. If I did it earlier in the day and didn't vape before or after I might've noticed it more. If I did it in public at a party I would probably be like da faq and get paranoid. Or maybe not but depends how strong and how many times I tried it before. I didn't love it and I didn't hate it. I only remember a good 10 minutes of it.

    What's next to try? Is there a 15 mg? :cool:
  • EconMan
    What's next to try?Hazel

    DMT :nerd:
  • Dr green thumb

    I think you should try a dab all to yourself. That way you get the full experience.
  • Hazel
    lol I’m not opposed to this. Is it only a dab if it’s dropped in rig or smeared on a healthstone? Or when I use the honeysuckle is it still considered a dab? Lol
  • Dr green thumb
    all three count. Just has to be done all by yourself.
  • Hazel
    lol I feel like this is so you. Go hard or go home! Intensityyyyy :joke: But it’s only like 15 min of crazy brain funk or am I thinking of salvia?

    I’ve done those dabs alone - honeysuckle off a dish style. Those are my fav bc I can see sawce/wax/shit :lol: changing chemical states while I eat it up LOL and it tastes yummy and easy to enjoy!! But those are the only dabs I’ve done all to myself. Other than that I think I’ve only done baby bird G dabs and baby bird double deck G dabs.

    I’ve never done them alone on vid tho- only off camera so maybe it’s time I show thy self indulging in the dabulous world of suckling! :lol: :cool:
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