• Ianosel
    Hello everyone,

    today while vaping in my Ghost MV1 on heat setting 4 something strange happened. Maybe 4 seconds after starting my hit it felt like I inhaled through a joint. I stopped the hit and a huge cloud came out while exhaling. On the lid of the crucible are burn marks which didn't completely disappear after cleaning.
    Has anyone else had this happen to them?
    The pictures show the burn marks before cleaning
    IMG_20190317_162337 (134K)
    IMG_20190317_162346 (139K)
  • Startedat52
    Might be set on concentrate mode.
  • Dr green thumb
    I agree on concentrate mode and needs a good cleaning.
  • Frosty1
    I've had this once and believe it was because I packed the crucible too tight. I was experimenting with the loading at the time and remember having difficulty closing the crucible lid. Since then, as long as the lid fits on easily, I've not had a problem
  • okla68m
    Agree....packing too tight, airflow seeking the path of Least Resistance, Found a spot, IMO. Everything flowed thru that spot, it looks like.
    Packed correctly, the MV1 will Hit Like a Truck, incorrectly, BLEH, like any $99 Vape !
    The MV1 is like a Italian Sports Car, ya gotta Stroke it Just Right, if you want it to Give Up the GOOD STUFF !
  • EconMan

    Could not agree more. And I don't even have one yet, but @Skyvapor does. His delivers smooth tasty hits AND can also rip em good.
    Sports car is a good analogy. I once had an RX8.:starstruck: Most fun car I've EVER driven at any price, and I've owned or driven quite a few. But better get the right tires, the right gas - none of that nasty =>91 octane crap... better carry gas booster with you.... cold weather... please start!.... oh well that sucks.... hot weather... then you'll want to use the a/c, and power goes to nothing, the clutch in city traffic made your leg hurt..... etc, etc, etc.....

    BUT with a perfect front/back weight distribution via the tiny gas-guzzling (18mpg on a 1.8L engine!! :gasp:) rotary engine, it found its identity on winding highways and country roads. Could be at 8000RPM and downshift to 10000 into a hard turn -- massive high-rpm torque and traction -- smoking everything behind me.

    It is truly a car I miss. It's great value to me? When it was fun it was REALLY fun. :party:
    But I would hate it if it was the only transportation I had.

    Life itself is merely a study of opportunity costs -- what we are willing to give up in pursuit of other values -- and one of the things we give up for convection vaping is simplicity. Statistically, zero people can't figure out how to take a hit from a Mighty... the status of "a hit" is not a function of grind, technique, user brilliance, humidity, perseverance, or much of anything other than putting your stuff in the bowl, secure the lid, turn it on to the recommended temp, place lips on stem and inhale. The vape is like a Toyota Corolla -- it just works.

    Oh, but you want your vape to taste better? To have short warm up time or even be "on demand"? etc.... well that's going to "cost" something. It seems to me all human-driven convection vapes require considerable "technique", breathing just to name one. Grind and pack another. And each vape is a bit different so even general rules are scarce.
  • okla68m
    I owned a new 1980 RX7 for 11 months (wife pregnant, traded for a New 1979 ((17 miles) Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce))
    Had a buddy whom SCCA raced with me that Raced a Showroom Stock RX7. It had a Buzzer on the tach at 8,000 rpm...The Buzzer QUIT before the motor ever missed a Lick.. continously for 49 minutes ! (He Owned a Mazda dealership!)
    Most Ear Splitting Scream of Any Racecar I was ever around was a Race Prep Mazda RX3SP? (Lil 2 door sedan, 70's)...It Literally Hurt Your Ears even Muffs on. NOTHING compares to the sound of a Rotary engine wound to 10,000 !
    Love my MV1, but, it Definitely requires technique !
  • McNuggetsTrip
    Only racecar I can afford :snicker:
  • EconMan
    I owned a new 1980 RX7 for 11 monthsokla68m

    OMG! Dude, I love you! :cool:
    I loved that car. My friend had one. I bought an old used TR7 (remember those? buy two, one to drive, one for parts :joke: ) and him and I had so much fun. As I recall, his was not all that reliable either! lol

    I also had a Pontiac Fiero once, so I guess I like the "wedge" cars. :rofl:
  • Pakalolo2
    I really loved my 1983 RX7 GSL, bought new off the showroom floor in Palm Springs in Dec 1982...it was very :cool:, great car for the day!
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