• Bud
    Live testing of the Tafee Bowle at 1pm:

  • Baron23
    I'll be at the gun club. Blue skies, no wind, and 45F...I NEED to get out of the fucking house. LOL
  • Chuck
    Baron, blue skies, nothin but blue skies, do I see
    So happy folks enjoying outdoor activities,

    Ondemand vapor good for indeterminate, sudden or night pain/issue, and or impatient rec types looking for buzz
  • Cannabliss420
    I really want the tafee bowle. The battery life is whats stopping me. 4 pots then it's dead? So... it's basically a crafty but as a cup.
  • LabPong

    It has a LiPo battery....so you have to fully charge and fully drain the battery for 2 cycles minimum for it to reach peak capacity. Many are reporting 7 sessions......not sure how long or hot though.

    It is not just a crafty.......understand every vape has different effects/signature. The Tafee bowl is said to have very strong and yet very smooth vapor for such a small path. It is looking like a great vape in a odd design....but is 100% functioning well. Look for them to develop another vape in the future.....I think they could be a main player going forward.
  • Cannabliss420
    @LabPong thanks for input. 7 bowls is alot better.
    I might purchase later today. Read comments of people comparing vapor to ghost mv1. I really loved the vapor from the ghost mv1 but it was such a pain to get that perfect hit every time. I think I would really use the cup to remind me to drink water and remind me to drink beer at night
  • Chuck
    Seven pots seems overly optimistic, IME. More like five, and that's pushing it. I use plug in countdown timers, habit of charging for 15 or 30 min after every use. The included fast charger works quickly, little over an hour from "empty" to full

    Many convection vapes require expert technique. Bowle, no

    Bowle bonus !!
    The elusive "short cig like pull"
    Heat level four, keep draws short
    Doesn't taste as good, but no combustion
    No hot lips, easy calm draw

    "Relax, Refresh, and Relieve with a Bowle"

    But, sheesh, that lame quick start guide, ug
  • Cannabliss420
    Anyone know of a discount code for bowle
  • androponic

    none that i have seen.
  • Cannabliss420
    Been searching but probably too new still
  • Will90
    Can I ask what makes you want one of these? I'm confused at who the target audience is for this thing. I personally have no desire.
  • Cannabliss420
    For a many reasons,
    1. I like items that have multiple uses.
    2. I have heard nothing but great things about the quality of the vapor.
    3. I collect unique vapes that actually perform.
    4. Perfect with mixed drinks at dinner party or by the pool.
    5. Cool reminder to drink water.
  • androponic
    i just bought my second bowle. i am a convection hound.
    this is the best convection vape around and if was inside a freakin teddy bear i would still vape that furry little fucker. this is what the ghost mv1 dreamed to be if it was a cup.
  • VaperG
    I’m seriously impressed with mine. It just works so well.
  • Bud
    I'm impressed too... this thing performs very well... and I'm pissed about it! :lol:
  • Will90
    I'm surprised you guys are digging it this much. I'll have to try it sometime. I also just hate drinking out of plastic cups, so I know I'd never use that part. What other vape would you compare the vapor quality to?
  • badbee
    , your mini rant about this thing pissing you off did more to convince me this is a good vape than anything else I've heard. That was from the heart, your irritated frustrated heart. :smile:
  • Four2019Eighteen
    As I've reported over in FC, I've been getting between 6 to 7 in full sessions with my Bowle. Battery life is great for me since battery only takes about an hour to charge from empty with the included quick charge adaptor. Quicker than it take me to loose the high.

    I believe it's about how long one inhales for per hit, and how many inhalations per load. Some hit theirs until they extract everything entirely from the bud, which is another area Bowle excels at. While others like me in legal jurisdictions may be leaving a bit of goodies in their herb to use the AVB later.

    Plus, where in the world can one head out to in this period or in the near future that requires one to have more power than is required to vape 2 grams of flower?

    I think Bowle is occupying a sweet spot between a desktop and portable perfect for around the house, pool side, walking the dog... You know where you spend a majority of your free and leisurely time.
    There are tons of products that are competing for pocket fit, Bowle isn't one and it makes itself known for what it is.

    I think the manufacturers also said they purposefully designed their firmware to cut the battery power off with 30% juice still left in the cells and they trickle charge the battery when it gets to 80% capacity all to make sure the high discharge battery lasts long and didn't degrade in performance over the product lifetime.

    As others have said, even if this thing was in the form of a can opener or hair dryer I could care less, because the vapor signature is in a different class, simply special and cut above everything that has preceded it or is available.

    In fact I like that with this design they are taking flower vaping mainstream. If stoners can hold a big bong to their face to take big hits with water cooling, what is wrong with holding a cup to your face like you would naturally?, especially when the water or contents of the drinkware are meant for drinking because the vapor produced is so so cool and smooth that water cooling would have no impact .

    That is also in addition to the point that, you don't have to use the drinkware mod at all. You can use Bowle naturally by itself and I daresay it fits so damn good naturally in your hands without the drinkware.

    Turn on the news and vaporizing is getting assailed by the media, regulations are popping up left right and center...I applaud this manufacturer taking a different approach, bold and risky. Those are the sorts of bets that pay off big. Especially if they pull it off and in my books and from all initial reports from those who have had the pleasure of using Bowle, Tafée has pulled it off. Bravo.
  • LabPong

    I was questioning someone that has been using it for awhile now.....and to sum it up in a comparison of vapor quality:

    "it's like a much smoother and denser mighty vapor....with better taste" !

    This vape seems well designed for the vaping inerts and ability......now put the path into water!
  • Rockytdogg

    The obvious rather ironic caveat...

    but wait, why not cram it in here?:

    I'm sure they'll have their own better ($$$) solution at some point... why they don't already is pretty stupid, imo.
  • reckoner
    I just ordered one of these, excited to try it out.

    I’m not surprised there’s no WPA. Seems to go against the whole design of the unit and the idea of “normalizing” vapes/cannabis usage. I have other vapes I can use through water, so it doesn’t bother me.

    Did the miniVAP ever have an official WPA? I don’t think Storz & Bickel made one for the Mighty, did they?
  • Pud
    I personally don't need to hide my vapes... I don't put a lampshade on my hookah either. Just make a vape that is good.... and not weird. Hopefully this company will make a vape for non-007 types... :rofl:
  • Baron23
    I personally don't need to hide my vapes... I don't put a lampshade on my hookah either.Pud

    hahaha...was just thinking about posting similar! LOL

    So, it would appear that they made a fairly decent on demand convection vape.....but WTF is up with the cup deal. Lose the cup, repackage the vape in a better form factor, and maybe they have something there.

    But the cup drives this thing to a form factor that is not optimum to my mind....of course, unless you are trying to hide your vape in plain site.
  • Deleted User
    This user has been deleted and all their posts removed.
  • Señor Negro
    unless you are trying to hide your vape in plain site.Baron23

    That's precisely the approach I'm looking for some vaping situations but even considering that it still looks weird to me.
    That, the lights and usb charging port position, the "meh" battery life and the fact that they are charging +$70 just for a plastic glass and a grinder are, tho, the points that prevent me for considering this device seriously for my wish list.
    Oh, also and I would add a handle to make it a cup so you don't burn/get cold your hand when holding it.
  • Four2019Eighteen
    Perhaps the product may be going over the minds of people who think the product was made for them, or should be made for them when it isn't.

    I don't think that their intent was for Bowle to be a hide away in plain sight vaporizer. Although one would understand that thinking bias by vaporits due to historic illegality of the industry and past product designs.

    Rather, I think this is a look at me vaporizer, but, I'm a matured married adult with kids at home, or an old timer looking for something easy to use with natural herbs that doesn't make me look like a juvenile stoner chasing a high. And will fit nicely with other kitchen utensils. Remember Bowle is designed in Canada with a fully federally legal rec and medical market.

    The proof is in the pudding, those who want the best portable desktop hybrid on demand vapor in a modern design... This is it *according to everyone who has tried it.
    But it is impossible for one product, a first by a new entrant, to be perfect or be everything to everyone.

    The design has been validated by mainstream awards,
    a favorable push and something vaporizing cannabis has been lacking for a while. Winning awards competed by companies like Tesla, Dyson, Apple, Logitech, Google is no small beans.
    We should cheer Tafée, because any how you slice it, this is good for the industry that has been starved of innovation and is getting riddled with regulation onslaughts.

    Those who want a 'look at me' vaporizer with WPA et al. There are numerous options to choose from.

    Those who want a stealth no strings attached vaporizer have tons of options to choose from.

    But a true connoisseur of taste is always on the hunt to imbibe in flavors and options, think of Bowle as just one new exciting option, and a damned good one by early accounts, a world above fairly decent.

    I think it's good for multiple products to thrive satisfying contrasting perspectives and realities that allows for more people to enjoy the herb as they see fit.
  • Baron23
    None of which explains why it has a plastic drinking cup on it.

    It sure ain't to provide vapor production for a mature person nor do I see sitting a cup on a plate as worth of design awards or call out "look at me" I mean, dang...I'll put a beer mug next to my Flower Pot and....what, its more special now?

    If it was that ground breaking and " best portable desktop hybrid on demand vapor in a modern design" it wouldn't need a plastic cup gimmick.

    Just my never humble opinion.

    So, I see you are new here and this is your first post. In the interest of open dialog, do you work for or are associated with the makers of this device?
  • Four2019Eighteen

    If you know everything you've shared here then you also know and should share that you don't have to buy the product with the drinkware.

    And yes, if you need more than 2 grams of flower to get high every hour all day this might not be the device for you.

    The lights are placed better than the MV1, according to the thread in FC forum, the placements of the electronics, lights and USB port hold true to the core principles industrial design.. For long term operation, functionality, reliability.

    Considering it has comparable battery life to every released on demand portable and has pass through charging... It would be understandable that it's the design just wierds you out like many others too.
  • Four2019Eighteen
    again, to each their own.
    It's the little things that matter. The plastic cup needs no explanation, you dig it or you don't. I'm guessing most wouldn't, a few wouldn't let it cloud their judgement, a few would. Freedom of choice.

    Second post here buddy. You must be the gatekeeper in these parts?
    Came over here due to cross post from FC about review.

    No affiliations, simply tried a unit being shown around in champs Vegas last year by Stickstones, fell in love, pre ordered my Bowle and here I am sipping my sweet gin and tonic in my small Bowle, puffing on a dark side of the moon hybrid strain, explaining myself to strangers on the internet .
  • Sonic Bacon
    I feel like this vape would make me fat because I would be using the cup to hold snacks.

    Hopefully this is just the beginning for Tafée and we will see this heater in other formats in the future.
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